How To Treat Bed Bugs In Electronics

How To Treat Bed Bugs In Electronics Bed bugs can hide about anywhere. Because of how small and flat they are, they’re able to squeeze anywhere you could slip a credit card into. What this means for you, as a homeowner, is that almost any crack or crevice in your […]

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3 Shocking Facts About Store Bought Pest Control Products

3 Shocking Facts About Store Bought Pest Control Products As a homeowner you’ve probably experienced a problem with pests at one point in your life. Probably more than once. When pest infestations occur, many homeowners seek to find solutions for pest control. DIY or Professional Pest Control? While it’s absolutely […]

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How To Caulk Cracks And Gaps In Your Home

How To Caulk Instructions for caulking gaps and cracks in and around your home: Clean Surface Remove old caulk from the surface where you plan to apply. Wipe away dirt and loose particles with a clean cloth. For concrete or stone application, use a wire brush to scrub the surface […]

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Find Out How To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Home

How do you keep bugs out of your home? Proper caulking to seal gaps and cracks throughout your home can help keep pests from entering. Keep bugs out of your home by following these simple steps: Find Entry Points Exterior: Roof (trim, rafters, joints, sheathing, and siding) Steps Decks Porches […]

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5 Signs of a German Roach Infestation

Have you found a roach in your home? Chances are likely that it’s a German roach. If so, you might have an infestation on your hands. Here are some signs to look out for: Daytime Roach Activity Roaches are normally nighttime creatures. If you notice one crawling along the floor […]

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The Dangers of German Roaches In Your Home

If you notice cockroaches in your home, chances are likely that they’re German Roaches. German cockroaches have a fast reproductive rate and can cause havoc quickly if you don’t take the right steps to remove them. The Physical characteristics of German Roaches You can usually find German cockroaches indoors. If […]

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Summertime pests thriving in unseasonable heat

In the second official week of fall, when the temperatures reached 90 degrees, exterminators were still busy with summertime house calls. Stinging pests were thriving in the unseasonable temperatures. go2-pros exterminator Mat Haywood said, “The last couple of weeks have been really bad. We’ve seen a lot of hornets that […]

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