May 1, 2018

3 Shocking Facts About Store Bought Pest Control Products

3 Shocking Facts About Store Bought Pest Control Products

As a homeowner you’ve probably experienced a problem with pests at one point in your life. Probably more than once. When pest infestations occur, many homeowners seek to find solutions for pest control.

DIY or Professional Pest Control?

While it’s absolutely possible for someone to get rid of an infestation on their own, they often have problems finding a permanent solution to the problem. The Average Joe or Jane doesn’t know how to handle certain situations. Professional pest control experts, like go2-pros, have the right training and experience to identify the characteristics of different infestations and can help find the most effective remedy.

Another reason to consider hiring a professional is that, while there are some great pest control products available for sale, they’re often ineffective if you don’t know how to use them properly. They can also be dangerous to the health of your family and pets if used wrong. Here are a few things to consider about store bought products if you’re thinking about a DIY approach:

They’re usually an ineffective long-term solution

Even well-known brands rarely provide a full solution for pest control. Labels can be misleading. Ones that say they kill a variety of pests may be effective for one type of spider but ineffective against another. Some insects need to be attacked during certain stages of their life cycles, too. Using pest control at the wrong time won’t work and will end up costing you.

Store Bought pest control products can be hazardous

Although pest control products are often carefully tested and come with clear and easy-to-read warning labels, they can can serious health problems if used improperly. Even when used correctly, these products can still pose a threat to sensitive individuals.

They can damage your home

Chemicals in pest control products can cause permanent staining and discoloration of fabrics, furniture, and walls. Professional pest control experts will know when and where to apply treatment solutions to avoid accidental damage inside of your home.

Solve your pest problems completely and permanently the first time around. Call go2-pros today for a free extermination estimate.

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