January 22, 2024

Identify Bed Bugs In Your Home

Identify Bed Bugs In Your Home

Do you have bed bugs in your home?

If you think you might have bed bugs in your home, it’s best to try and identify where the bugs are coming from before they become established and spread throughout the rest of your house.

Though it can more difficult to identify, treating a small bedroom infestation is much less costly and easier to deal with compared to an infestation that becomes widespread throughout your home.  

How to identify bed bugs in your home 

  • Live bed bugs 
  • Bed bug bites on you or your loved ones 
  • Eggs and shells (about 1mm in size) and pale yellow skins 
  • Dark spots, about the size of this dot: • (which might be bed bug excrement, that can bleed out on fabric like a marker would)  
  • Red or rust-colored stains on fabrics (especially bedding) from squished bed bugs 

Where bed bugs hide in your home 

When not feeding on their human hosts in the middle of the night, bed bugs hide out in a variety of different locations. They’re most often located near and around beds, so that’s always a great spot to start looking for signs.  

In addition to near your bed, bed bugs may also be located around the bedroom in places like: 

  • In dresser drawers (between the seams) 
  • Around fabrics: between cushions, in the seams of chairs and couches, inside the folds of your curtains 
  • In appliances and plugs/sockets 
  • Under loose wall paper and under mirrors, paintings, and other hanging wall objects 
  • At the joint where your wall and ceiling meet 
  • Inside the heads of screws/nails 

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs For Good

If you suspect bed bugs are in your home, consider contacting an extermination specialist like go2-pros to alleviate the problem before it gets out of hand. Call us and let us help you protect your family.  

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