May 18, 2018

How To Treat Bed Bugs In Electronics

How To Treat Bed Bugs In Electronics

Bed bugs can hide about anywhere. Because of how small and flat they are, they’re able to squeeze anywhere you could slip a credit card into. What this means for you, as a homeowner, is that almost any crack or crevice in your home could be home to bed bugs – including inside of your electronics.

What’s worse is that it’s difficult to apply certain treatments to electronics to remove bed bugs, because electronics are sensitive to temperature and liquid.

The good news:

Bed Bugs Aren’t that likely to hide in electronics

While it’s possible, it’s unlikely that bed bugs will seek shelter inside of your electronic devices. Bed bugs move towards heat when feeding, but otherwise don’t like warm spaces. Additionally, electronics that are more likely to be affected are just those that are close to your bed – like an alarm clock or nightstand stereo.

Many treatment methods will likely affect bugs hiding in your electronics

Bed bugs aren’t going to hide out forever. Depending on the method of treatment you choose to use, they’ll likely fall victim to your removal methods.

Some electronics can be treated with a heater

Note the “some” part of this statement. High temperatures can kill bed bugs in all of their life stages. Check your electronic product labels or manual to see if it’s heat sensitive or able to withstand high heat.

Your best bet?

Call your local pest control expert to determine if you have bed bugs hiding out in your electronics and ask them if what the best option is to remove them. Call go2-pros pest control for your free quote, today!

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