Summertime pests thriving in unseasonable heat

In the second official week of fall, when the temperatures reached 90 degrees, exterminators were still busy with summertime house calls. Stinging pests were thriving in the unseasonable temperatures. go2-pros exterminator Mat Haywood said, “The last couple of weeks have been really bad. We’ve seen a lot of hornets that have grown to really big […]

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go2-pros Tips for Dealing With Pests In Your Home

In the Midwest, summer is the season where bugs and pests are at their most active stages. It’s hard dealing with pest control in your home when you’re trying to enjoy the season of fun. Here are five of our favorite tips to ensure that you keep the bugs out of your home. 1. Store Food […]

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Pests to Watch Out for This Summer

With rising temperatures, the summer brings elements that are not so fun, such as pests. These creatures come in all shapes and sizes. Some are annoying, some will bite you, and others may carry harmful diseases. Here is a short list of pests you should watch out for this season! Mosquitoes Mosquitoes are one of […]

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Bathroom Remodel Trends and Ideas

Deciding on a bathroom remodel is a big decision for a family. That’s why we at go2-pros have decided to help by talk discussing current trends in bathroom remodel’s! A growing trend in bathroom remodeling is to replace the bathtub with a walk-in shower. This makes sense for most people because we tend to take showers more […]

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How to Get Your Life Back with Home Exterminator Services

There’s nothing worse than finding bugs in your home. Home exterminator services are capable of solving a variety of problems you may have inside and outside of your house. Obtaining residential pest control is a great way to keep your home the way you want – bug-free! Protect Your Home Against Termites Termites might be […]

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