May 25, 2020

Easy Ways To Update Your Bathroom Style in 2020

If there’s a room that tends to show the age of a home, it’s the bathroom. Especially if you have a home that is from the era of colored fixtures and Barbie pink bathroom tiles. Most bathroom fixtures today are in basic colors, so if your bathtub is green, raspberry, or mint the age of the home is apparent. Now if you just love the color, there is no need to change it. Many people are keeping the old tile and just updating the fixtures. Looking for a better way to update your bathroom style? Here are a few ideas on how you can update your bathroom style with ease.

Tub or Shower? Why not Both?

This is a good time to decide what your tub or shower needs really are. While you’re making changes, make ones that work for your lifestyle. A study once showed that the most dangerous place in your home is standing in the bathtub. Turns out, it’s not just a scary place highlighted in horror movies.

If you only shower, this is a good time to go with the shower. While there was a time this would lower the value of your home, the families of today prefer the convenience so this is no longer true. This is also due to the increase of the elderly part of our population. 

If you find that you prefer baths, you might want to go with a dedicated tub, and a tub-shower combo is still an option for those who use both.

Age in place features 

If you’re planning to stay in your home into retirement, it makes sense to start thinking about that now. When you update your bathroom, it’s easier to keep this in mind and not just plan to do another remodel in the future. We don’t tend to remodel bathrooms often. A shower with a bench is a good feature for those who plan to stay in their home into retirement. Floating vanity or wall hung sinks are another. The comfort height toilet is easy to change later, and the grab bars are easy to add when you need them, so you can put those features off if you like.


One of the biggest things about a bathroom is that they are often cluttered. Planning the cabinet space carefully can alleviate some of that. Tall cabinets near the vanity are gaining in popularity because they are so useful. After all, we really don’t want to look at all the stuff we need when we get ready for the day. When you update your bathroom, analyze your storage space needs and making it part of the plan for your new bathroom. Look for odd and unused spaces in your bathroom, and use this for storage. Open shelves with baskets are gaining in favor of the bathroom as another idea for storing the items we need.

Floor Plan

If your bathroom floor plan works, it’s often not worth changing. Rerouting plumbing lines is challenging, though doable. So unless your layout is awful or you are changing the size of your bathroom, keeping the fixtures in the same places will save you considerably. Changing the fixtures for new ones does not require moving the plumbing very much.


Keeping your floor plan as close to the original is only one way to keep costs reasonable for your bathroom redo. Choosing quality fixtures at a reasonable cost makes a huge difference. That is why we carry the Luxury Bath Systems acrylic products. We believe you deserve quality bathroom fixtures at affordable prices.

At go2-pros, we offer you the best in quality products and services at reasonable prices. Contact us today to learn how you can refresh your bathroom style.

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