August 8, 2022

Termites? 7 Reasons Why You Need Professional Termite Service

As a busy, budget-conscious homeowner, you’re probably used to handling things around your home and investing in DIY projects to save money. While there are a lot of things you can do alone, there are a few specific things that are better left to professionals, including pest control (especially termite service).

You’ve probably already done your research and have realized there are a lot of DIY pest control options readily available commercially. While it may seem like the cheaper route, it’s not the better choice in the long run. Here are just 7 reasons why you need termite service instead.

Knowledge & Experience

While you might be an expert at researching, you’re likely not a trained professional with the specialized knowledge that licensed pest control professionals have. 


This is important when it comes to safely and effectively using pesticides. A single misuse of a toxic pesticide by a curious homeowner could result in serious injury or even death. Less extreme misuse could cause further damage to your home because you’re ineffectively treating your termite problem.


Pest infestations can be tricky to identify. Sure you might find evidence. But by the time you’re aware of the extent of your termite problem, the infestation may have already done a large amount of irreversible and expensive damage. Infestations tend to firmly establish large populations that can be difficult to eradicate. With the help of a professional termite service, you’ll be able to identify your problem sooner rather than later. So you can get the treatment you need to protect your home. 


The fact of the matter is that DIY projects take up your precious time. Oftentimes homeowners tend to bite off more than can chew (just like the termites they’re trying to treat). Effective pesticide application is a tedious and time-consuming process. Which is why it’s a specialized job meant specifically for professional exterminators.  

Unexpected Costs

Have you ever tried making something with the intention to make it cheaper, only to find that the end project winds up costing you more than if you had just bought the product outright from someone else? Pest control is quite similar. 

Exterminators factor in all costs, including time, pesticides, treatment products, return and reapplication visits, operational interruptions, customer inconvenience, rescheduling, and more. Termite services such as ours specialize in what we do. We can cover those costs and provide you with a thorough estimate. As a homeowner trying to tackle a project you’ve never done before, you might neglect little costs. That will slowly add up to one gigantic unforeseen expense. We’ve already factored those costs in for you so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re getting quality termite service at the best price. 

Continuous Protection

While DIY pest control options are great for containing a pest problem immediately, they’re not effective solutions, long-term. They simply don’t include the barriers necessary to prevent further infestations. Termite service includes treatment of the current infestation and preventative measures to continuously protect your home. 

Choosing The Right Exterminator

The goal of a pest control professional is to tackle your pest problems immediately and effectively. You can expect an exterminating termite service to include:

  • Thorough inspection of your home and surrounding property
  • Identification of infestation, pest activity, and risks
  • Effective treatment of affected areas and implementation of methods to control and prevent further infestation
  • Tailored recommendations for limiting and preventing pest activity
  • Continuous evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment and any necessary modifications (such as Active Bait replacement)

As a homeowner, you need to look at pest control options from both a short and long term perspective. Consider the risks of ineffective DIY pest control treatment, including those that affect the infestation and your health. Factor in your time and costs of DIY treatment options. Make sure to have all your facts straight before investing in your final decision. 

To find out how much professional termite service will cost, contact our team for a free quote. Not only are we friendly, courteous, and respectful of you and your home, we’re also experts in the removal and control of termites. 

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