August 22, 2022

What It Takes For Effective Roach Extermination

What It Takes For Effective Roach Extermination

Why Roach extermination is so important

No one likes to open a kitchen cabinet and see a surprised cockroach scurry back into the stacks of dishes. You pull everything out of the cabinet in search of the little devil, but somehow it has disappeared. You begin to wonder just how many others are hiding around your house. During your search, you pull the refrigerator away from the wall and, to your horror, three more run for cover leaving behind a few crumbs of old food. It’s not a pretty scenario. But before you opt for professional roach extermination, here are a few things to think about!

Types of Roaches

There are many varieties of roaches; but the American, German, Oriental, and brown banded are typically what we find in our homes. Roaches are known to spread disease due to their contact with food, and creating allergens due to the off-put of their decaying bodies when they die.

Prevent Roach Infestation To Avoid Needing Roach Extermination

The best way to stop a roach invasion is by taking measures to prevent it; storing food in sealed containers, removing trash regularly, and most importantly, going to action as soon as you have evidence of their presence. Evidence would include fecal droppings, oothecae (egg cases), actually seeing a roach, or eventually noticing an unpleasant smell.

Evidence of Roaches

Roaches are nocturnal, so they can be present for some time before an actual sighting takes place. Their droppings, however, can be found much sooner. When you have found evidence, it is important to, firstly, renew efforts to keep your house clean, and then begin the process of extermination.

DIY Roach Extermination Solutions

If the infestation appears to be minor, you can try a few solutions yourself. The goal is not to kill random roaches or to merely sprinkle repellent around the house (because there will always be areas that you cannot access), but rather to create a situation where a poison is carried by a roach and presented to the others wherever they may be.

Poison baits

Poison baits are sold in most home improvement and big box retail stores, making them relatively easy to find in a pinch. Bait should be placed along walls in areas that roaches are likely to frequent. Their effectiveness varies significantly and sometimes the roaches develop a resistance to the poison. Another thing to consider before using poison baits is the safety of curious pets and younger children. If you opt for these, make sure they are well out-of-reach! Thoroughly read through the manufacturers instructions and safety warnings to keep yourself and your family safe.

Boric acid (or Borax)

Commonly and effectively used and is also easy to find in stores. To get the best results from boric acid, sprinkle a light dusting of the powder on out-of-the-way surfaces where they tend to wander, such as closet floors or behind the stove, etc. When a roach walks over the powder, it sticks to its legs; consequently, the powder is ingested when the roach grooms itself and it soon dies. Any other roach who then snacks on that carcass also is likely to die, or at least get delusional and stumble out into the light where it can be seen and killed. This is a safer solution to traditional poison bait traps and sprays when it comes to DIY options.

Need Help Tackling Your Roach Problem?

If it appears that the infestation has gotten out of hand before you could stop it, your best solution is to contact a professional roach extermination service to take care of the problem thoroughly. It’s pest to get help sooner rather than later when it comes to roaches, considering how quickly they can reproduce and spread throughout your home.

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