October 9, 2023

Keep Mice Out Of Your Home This Fall

Keep Mice Out Of Your Home This Fall

As the weather cools down, you face a greater chance that mice or other pests may start moving into your home to seek refuge from the chilly months ahead. As with other rodents, mice are no exception. In the fall, mice seek warmth, shelter, and a steady food source. Your home, especially less-frequented areas of your attic, cluttered garages or basements, and your kitchen pantry, are perfect spots for these little critters to find everything they need. So what can you do to keep mice out this fall? Here are a few tips and tricks to keep mice out. 

Seal Up Cracks, Holes, & Gaps Around Your Home

The average mouse is tiny. About 2.5” long, to be exact. They can easily slip through small openings, as small as about the size of a quarter! Here are a few of the most commons ways mice make their way into your home:

  • Holes in your window or door screens
  • Gaps around your windows and doors
  • Cracks in your home’s foundation
  • Vents
  • Where phone, cable, or gas lines come into your home

Take advantage of the weather while it’s still somewhat warm to take a look around your home and identify any holes, cracks, and gaps. As with most home sealing, you can caulk over these openings. However, keep in mind that rodents are known to chew through caulk. Because of this, it’s better to take the time to use wire mesh and cement to seal things up instead. Repair or replace your window screens and patio screen doors, add screens to any chimneys and vents. 

Prevent Moisture Build-Up

Mice aren’t just looking for food and shelter in your home, they’re also looking for water. Even if your kitchen and bathroom sinks don’t drip, your house could still be leaking through faulty or cracked plumbing or clogs causing backups. Keep your basement dry and well-ventilated to prevent moisture build-up that could attract mice. 

Prevent Accidental Feeding 

Make sure everything in your kitchen and pantry is sealed in air-tight containers. Check any loose bags and cardboard boxes for rips and tears before storing them away. Avoid leaving food out on your countertops. Sweep or vacuum up any crumbs or dropped food and mop away food-related spills. 

Don’t forget outdoor food sources, as well, such as bird feeders with seeds and nuts or outdoor garbage cans that contain food scraps. 

Eliminate Clutter

Mice like to create nests with whatever they can find laying about. They may tear apart paper, fabric, and other material they find around your home. For this reason, it’s a good idea to eliminate clutter and keep living spaces tidy. 

Check Outside Around Your Home

Don’t forget to check the outdoors when getting your home ready for fall and winter. Some minor landscaping issues could attract mice and other pests if not taken care of, including:

  • Tree limbs that extend too close to your roof or windows
  • Vines climbing up the sides of your home
  • Wood piles kept too close to the side of your home or up on your deck
  • Overgrown grass or shrubs 

Even if you try your best to keep mice out of your home, they may still find a way in. If you find yourself with a mouse infestation, don’t hesitate to call go2-pros extermination. Our team of exterminating professionals will help get your pest problems under control. Give us a call today! 

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