September 5, 2022

3 Late Summer Pests To Watch Out For During Back-To-School Season

3 Late Summer Pests To Watch Out For During Back-To-School Season

Back-To-School season is upon us, and with cool fall weather right around the corner many summer bugs that plagued our picnics and homes will soon disappear. However, back-to-school season also brings its own variety of pesky late summer pests to watch out for.

Here is our list of pesky late summer pests you need to still watch out for in this changing season.

1. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs tend to go where people congregate and rest. Known as the “hitch hiker” of the bug world, they hide in cracks and crevices. Sneaking onto luggage, back packs, clothing and other items. Making schools a prime location for an infestation to occur.

While bed bugs do not actually transmit disease. They do often create psychological stress, due both to the stigma of an infestation and factors like loss of sleep and itching from bites.

2. Mosquitoes

Often mosquitoes are considered more of a nuisance than a threat. However, mosquitoes are known carriers of serious diseases such as West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis or EEE (Triple E). Even though the cooler fall temps mean you are likely to see fewer mosquitoes, early fall still brings many warm days, where children playing outside may encounter them.

3. Cockroaches

No one likes to open a kitchen cabinet and see a surprised cockroach scurry back into the stacks of dishes. The best way to stop a roach invasion is by taking measures to prevent it; storing food in sealed containers, removing trash regularly, and most importantly, acting as soon as you have evidence of their presence.

Roaches are nocturnal, so they can be present for some time before an actual sighting takes place. Their droppings, however, can be found much sooner. When you have found evidence, it is important to begin the process of extermination.

Are you experiencing issues with late summer pests in or near your home? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at go2-pros.

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