January 10, 2018

Do pest problems end in the winter? The answer may surprise you.

Pest problems in winter

As the cold weather lingers, you might wonder where all the pests you were concerned about during the summer and fall months wandered off to. Many people assume bugs die off or go into hibernation. The truth is that a lot of insects are still creeping and crawling throughout the winter months.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are hearty little critters. They can withstand cold and heat well, which is part of the reason why they’re so difficult to control. Many bed bugs migrate indoors around winter because our homes offer shelter, warmth, and food for them during the winter months.


Roaches are one of the most adaptable creatures in the world (which is why they’ve been around for millions of years). As long as they have a warm, moist habitat, cockroaches can survive year-round. The German Cockroach, for example, prefers the humid environments of home bathrooms and kitchens – which offer easy food sources and plenty of moisture.


Different types of termites will do different things in the winter months. In colder areas, subterranean termites will dig down further to stay warm. Other types of termites, like dry wood termites will look for dry wood for shelter – including the wood frames of our homes, where they can be active throughout the year.

Pests don’t just disappear in the winter so be sure to continue to pest-proof your home. If you’ve found yourself with termites, bed bugs, or roaches hunkering down in your home, call the expert exterminators at go2-pros to get them out. Contact us today for a free online quote!

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